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Web Application Developer and ICT Consultant

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Lavi Yatziv

Former Lead Developer for international events and lead generation company. A inquisitive technophile, versed in technology beyond the "full-stack"


My name is Lavi Yatziv, and I am a Web Developer and technophile who currently lives in Telkwa, BC.

A graduate of Carleton University's Film program as well as Algonquin College's Radio and TV Broadcasting studies, my work is situated at the juncture between digital and more traditional media. My thorough understanding of both allows me to create beautiful yet functional websites, promotional videos and animation. Troubleshooting and improving functionality for existing websites are among my specialties.

This site represents some of work in photography, web design, and digital animation I have been engaged in for over 10 years - please have a look around!




As a Web Developer and Internet Digital Media Specialist, I have been employed by a number of high-profile companies to undertake their technology-based needs. Some of these include:

Toptal - Developer

2014-Present - Global

Working with Toptal has been a fantastic experience. I've been expanding my repertoire of languages and libraries, as well as improving my managerial and time management skills. If you are interested in contacting me for work I would invite you to consider leveraging the Toptal network. You can view my developer profile here

Flight Level Media - Senior Developer

2013-2014 - virtual

Currently developing a single-page responsive in-flight application which uses flight data to generate e-commerce and brand engagement. Primary point-person responsible for front-end coding to ensure compatibility across multiple platforms (tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Starlynx Communications - IT Support Technician

Fall 2013 - Smithers, BC

Building, testing and deploying networks utilizing routers and wireless bridges in addition to configuring firewalls for clients, sometimes in remote locations. Also responsible for undertaking hardware repair as well as providing accessible answers to clients’ questions regarding Microsoft Office Suite and other technical issues.

Spark Design - Web Developer

2012-2013 - Smithers, BC

Developing websites powered by SQL technologies, including liaising with service providers and translating advanced server errors to project managers. Necessitated understanding clients’ needs and delivering suitable solutions that were both adaptable and on-deadline.

Achilles Media Ltd. - Senior Developer

2011-2012 - Toronto, ON

As the Lead Developer for a mid-sized company in Toronto, responsible for informing supervisors of emerging trends in web technologies as well as administering and maintaining several “mission critical” databases. Often responsible for providing instruction regarding the more advanced features of Microsoft Office and SalesForce, as well as providing consultation regarding VoIP technologies.

The Otesha Project - Database Administrator / Web Developer

Spring/Summer 2010 - Ottawa, ON

Assisted in the regular technical operations of this small non-profit group in addition to developing and recovering their donator database (from FileMaker to SalesForce). Provided support to desktop publishing efforts with tools such as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office. Also responsible for servicing office computers and printers (upgrades and rebuilds) as well as maintaining hardware and software inventories.

The International Council for Canadian Studies - Web Developer

2009 - Ottawa, ON

Developed an online system for processing applications - including core programming system administration, secure file transfer, and incorporating a user-management system through Microsoft Access.

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology - Web Developer

2009 - Ottawa, ON

Responsible for core programming and administration/modifications for news publishing content-management software. Duties included research, documentation, weekly reports, web programming, advanced HTML Coding and CSS, in addition to providing training on website maintenance and secure protocols.

Blomeley Communications - Web Developer / Internet Digital Media

2007-2009 - Ottawa, ON

Primarily responsible for web development and motion graphics animation, including the creation of efficient networks with minimal hardware. Also responsible for providing consultation regarding network technologies, Microsoft Server 2003, SQL, and Microsoft Office.


My video work encompasses a range of subjects and technologies; these are a few of the projects I have worked on.


Excellent promotional videos require an astute photographer. My work has been showcased in various business videos; it has also been displayed on magazine and DVD covers. Occasionally, I photograph weddings.

Development and IT Consultation rates.

Web development and related technologies are highly content-specific; prices below are only guidelines and my not reflect your end contract.

Please feel free to contact me with the details of your project for a free quote.






The cost of these are typically anywhere from $1,700 to $8,000 depending on the project scope and the number of interrelated technologies involved. Please contact me for details.